The Arklatex Celebrates A Weekend Of Free Fishing –

The Shreveport Police sure do, and Each year the department host an annual fishing camp -SGT. Greg Washington says it’s a day to teach kids all about the fun of fishing One of the things we teach is how to cast – we teach them how to cast the reel- then we teach them about boating and boating safety He’s looking to keep kids out of trouble – he’s also looking to get them outdoors It’s real important to get outside and understand how things work outside rather than inside Brieco Savannah agrees – he says his sons are enjoying the day of fishing – something they normally don’t do They like playing video games, but this is a day that they really enjoy. They passed the video games up today to come out to enjoy the outdoors with other kids It’s good to get kids outside also to get them to understand the reason for fishing It’s not only keeping kids off the couch and off the streets, but it’s also teaching them lessons – lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. But you teach a man to fish, he’ll live for a lifetime something that these kids are buying into — hook line and sinker! Click here


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